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Pagan's Folly CD

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Pagan's Folly Interview and Inga's Poem "Stoned On Scotch"!

Pagan's Folly Interview Pagan's Folly Poem

You can also check out the Interview and the Poem on the Angels Whisky Club site!!

Pagan's Folly Shetland Single!

Pagan's Folly Shetland Single

For the Pagan Season you can download for free two of our original Shetland songs. We have re-recorded the vocals and remixed and remastered the songs. You can even download the sheet music below! All the best for season! Slainte!

Shetland Christmas Song
Song of Shetland

Pagan's Folly Original Sheet Music!

Original Music as recorded by Pagan's Folly!

Charlie You Ain't No Good
Doug, You Came Into My Life
Farewell To Ireland
I'll Be A McLean Till I Die (A+)
I'll Be A McLean Till I Die (G+)
Lost Winds
My Heart's In The Highlands
Over The Lands
Shetland Christmas Song
Sing Swallow Sing
So Long, So Long
Song Of Shetland (A+)
Song Of Shetland (E+)
Whisky Angels

Pagan's Folly Debut CD!

Included on the Pagan's Folly debut CD are songs that most people will be familiar with; Rocky Road to Dublin, Black Velvet Band and Irish Rover, though their arrangements will leave you wondering why no-one ever thought about doing it like that before. Sarah's flair on the fiddle can be heard on Farewell to Ireland and other tunes throughout the CD. Chris' talent on the pipes is especially obvious on the tunes Pagans at the Gates of Hell and Lost Winds. Other original tunes include I'll Be a Maclean Till I Die and Sunrise. Don't miss the stunning musical setting of Robbie Burn's poem My Heart's in the Highlands.

You can download the album or order a real copy here: CDBaby , here iTunes , or here Amazon . Of course you can always come and see us live and pick up your very own copy which even includes a poster!

You can also stream the whole Pagan's Folly CD on youtube!!

Enjoy! Slainte!