Pagan's Folly

Pagan's Folly Band

Pagan's Folly: pure pleasure! Nothing traditional about them, though they will play tunes your heart and soul will delight in. Memories of nights around the kitchen table, or evenings down at a local pub in Ireland or Scotland will come flooding back! Traditional music inspires them, but they will "paganize" it, and put a twist on it like you have never heard before. Inevitably you are drawn into the charms of a band that will let you lose an evening without even knowing it has gone!

The heart and soul of Pagan's Folly is in its members! This is a band where no-one takes centre stage and everyone takes centre stage! From four part harmonies in a cappella style to haunting pipes and foot-tapping bodhran, infectious fiddle tunes and energetic guitar and bass, this band demonstrates their passion for Celtic music and their love of audience engagement when they play. As they all agree, music has to be shared. There is no point in singing and playing an instrument, and having fun doing it, if you can't enjoy this with others.

Inga Thompson and Juhan Puhm demonstrate continual energy with their vocal harmonies and driving bodhran and guitar. Sarah Morano and Chris Scharf with their duets and duels on fiddle and bagpipes will inspire and delight you. This is a band who works together. The energy, drive, quirkiness and sense of humour of Pagan's Folly can now be heard on their debut CD!

This band has an energy and showmanship which will have you wanting more. Come and listen to them and you will find yourself captivated and entranced. You will want more!